This blog is the product of a single moment.

Really though, it’s the product of six years of education in both Fulton, Missouri’s Westminster College  where I received a BA in History, Minor in Asian Studies and Saint Louis’ University of Missouri-St. Louis where I received my MA in History and Museum Studies.

The impetus for the creation for this academic blog came one day while I was sitting in Nihonmatsu, Fukushima, Japan, waiting for my next bus to take me to my Tuesday school visit. Recently, all of my best ideas come when I’m waiting at a bus stop in Japan: must be the white noise. In that moment though, it was calling my mother, a daily ritual that I eagerly indulge, always mindful of the 14 – 15 hour difference, depending on Daylight Savings.

Of course, in this moment of academic brilliance –epiphany, good idea-ing- I said the sentence that made me make this blog:

“I want to write again. Like, write academic papers.”

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