So after delicious homemade lunch of カレーかつ (Curry and Tonkatsu) I’m feeling a bullet point list coming on!!

Here’s some things that are very, very preliminary thoughts in terms my thoughts on Naruto, Kishimoto, and Blackness in the manga and anime. A lot of them center on tropes, which will factor into my analysis of Naruto, especially now that I know there’s an entire village of Black ninja.

(Which makes me really want to read the manga even more y’all!)

Anyways, here’s some of my thoughts.

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Jutsu on the Black Hand Side, or Why I’m Starting With Naruto For My Research

I really wanna get back into Naruto. And I really want to write papers about it.

So I’m going to.

But why? Why a series that hasn’t really ended, but has shifted the focus to a son? Why a series that, like Megatokyo –another favorite comic series that I’m re-reading soon to critically look at its problems while appreciating a bit of nostalgia– has gone on forever and has been rather hated at times by fan culture? Why a series notorious for Dragon Ball-esque fights that take episodes to resolve?

Why? Well, because I have these really stellar memories of The First Wave of Naruto in America, back when the dub first aired. It’s all crystal clear.

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